03 | 10 | 2023

Navigating the Location Maps

One of the most powerful features of our site are the embedded Google maps. Whenever possible the initial map shows a hybrid (map as well as satellite) but for some areas detailed satellite images have not been available at the time we published the map.

Once a map is displayed, you will see a slide bar as well as some direction arrows in the upper left corner of the map. Use the slide bar to increase or decrease the zoom level and the arrows to move into the desired direction. As an alternative, move the mouse over the map (the cursor turns into a hand), left click and move the mouse. If you are lost, just click on the icon in the middle of the direction arrows and the map will reset to its original display.

You will also find three buttons in the upper right corner of the map that allow you to change the map display - map only, satellite only or hybrid (both).

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